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How To Choose A Good Quality Nissan Navara Auto Parts

Ruian Uspickup Parts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 02, 2017

How to choose a good quality Nissan Navara Auto Parts
First, Nissan Navara Auto Parts Classification of Friction Materials
Semi - metallic friction material.
For discs and heavy discs. The composition of the material usually contains about 30% to 50% iron metal (such as steel fiber, reduced iron powder, foam iron powder). So the name of the semi-metallic friction material. Is the first to replace asbestos and develop non-asbestos materials. Its characteristics: good heat resistance, strong absorption capacity per unit area, good thermal conductivity, can be applied to Nissan Navara Auto Parts in the working conditions of high-speed, heavy-duty operation. But there is a big brake noise,
Angle defects and other shortcomings.
 B, NAO friction material. Broadly speaking refers to non-asbestos - non-steel fiber type friction material, but the disc is also a small amount of steel fiber. NAO In most cases, the base material in the friction material is a mixture of two or more fibers (with inorganic fibers and a small amount of organic fibers). So NAO friction material is non-asbestos mixed fiber friction material. Usually Nissan Navara Auto Parts is a short fibrous friction block, the clutch is a continuous fiber-type friction plate.
C, powder metallurgy friction material.
Also known as sintered friction material, tied to iron-based, copper-based powder material by mixing, pressure type, high temperature sintering. Suitable for higher temperatures Nissan Navara Auto Parts and driving conditions. Such as: aircraft, trucks, heavy construction machinery, braking and transmission. Advantages: long life; Disadvantages: high prices, brake noise, heavy and brittle, wear and even wear large.
D, carbon fiber friction material.
Is a kind of friction material made of carbon fiber reinforced material. Carbon fiber has the advantages of high modulus, good thermal conductivity, heat resistance and so on. Carbon fiber friction material is the best performance of various friction materials, of course, the higher the cost, the more expensive the price. Carbon fiber friction plate per unit area of high absorption power and light weight, especially for the production of aircraft Nissan Navara Auto Parts, high-speed railway brakes, currently in some high-end cars Nissan Navara Auto Parts also used. Excellent product advantages Carbon fiber ceramic Nissan Navara Auto Parts, brake performance, high temperature, no noise, do not fall gray, do not hurt the disk, is currently the market one of the best Nissan Navara Auto Parts.
With the development of society, people on the Nissan Navara Auto Parts friction material requirements are getting higher and higher, people asked to improve the Nissan Navara Auto Parts also promote the rapid development of friction materials. The development of brake friction material can be divided into three stages, each stage of the division of labor are basically technological progress and people on environmental protection and other factors based on high demand, brake friction material industry from the original high pollution, High energy consumption gradually transformed into low pollution, high efficiency, low energy consumption industry, and gradually realize the industrial production process.
The first stage can be seen as the mid-70s of last century, this stage is the starting phase of brake friction material, at this stage the main reinforcement fiber is asbestos fiber. However, with the development of science and technology, it has been found that asbestos has a strong carcinogenic effect. Thus, since the mid-1970s, the friction material industry in some developed countries, especially in the United States, Western Europe and other countries of the Nissan Navara Auto Parts, had to accept an important reality, that is, asbestos can not be used for Nissan Navara Auto Parts friction material.
Followed by the second phase, this stage is mainly due to the outbreak of the world energy crisis, so that energy conservation has become an important indicator. In addition, some foreigners have developed some new Nissan Navara Auto Parts friction materials, such as semi-metallic, sintered, alternative fibers, since the improvement of the speed and environmental requirements of the car, some foreigners have begun research on non-asbestos Nissan Navara Auto Parts friction materials Reinforced or polymer bonded, composite fiber Nissan Navara Auto Parts.
The third stage is from the mid-80s to the present, with the new brake pads friction material and Nissan Navara Auto Parts friction material rapid development, people developed steel fiber, carbon fiber, ceramic fiber as a reinforced fiber brake friction material, Industrial production will also grow and develop. This stage of the foreign auto industry pollution-free, high-speed, lightweight, efficient, energy-saving and other direction of rapid development.

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